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36' Pacific Proa JZERRO
1997-98, Baja California, Mexico
Designed and built by Russell Brown

larger version, 2080 x 1473, 674K, May, 2008

Whitsunday Multihull Rendezvous, August 17th..19th, 2002 - Airlie beach, Australia

-- begin quote -- (from defunct emultihulls.com)

Another welcomed International guest amongst the 'troops' was the affable Russell Brown on his beautiful proa, JZERRO. Any doubts on proa performance were obliterated throughout the Regatta as the liveaboard cruiser stormed start and finish lines to take All Out Line Honours in the Cruising Division.

The 37 footer of Russells' own design provided the fleet with some amazing spectacles as it continually powered off into the distance, leaving a slightly unusual wake in its' track! Russell and crew member, Mark Lamb worked extremely well together to pull maximum speed at every opportunity. Within the first hour of Race One it became obvious JZERRO was in the wrong Division... Racing definitely more their league but... shoulda, coulda, woulda... there's always next year Russell! Needless to say, their handicap on the morning of Race Two bore very little resemblance to the original and popped them out of the placing picture. Their elapsed times continued to impress, however, and they would have been chasing the 'Big Boys' for sure (EMULTIHULLS.COM and ROOM) had they been running the Racing Division. Even David Mitchell on the speedy Crowther 36' tri, SPIRIT, was astonished when JZERRO sliced past them at an awesome rate of knots. "We were registering 17 and they literally flew past us..." David said.

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designed & built by Walter Greene, re-built and sailed by Russell Brown


by Russell Brown
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NOTE: The "Flying Proa" or "Pacific proa" has a small ama to windward,
opposite that of the "Atlantic proa" with heavier hull to windward.