JZERRO haul out, December, 2013

"According to the digital crane scale, the boat weighs 3250 lbs."
-- Russell Brown

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36' Pacific Proa JZERRO
Port Townsend, WA
Designed and built by Russell Brown

larger version, 2080 x 1473, 674K, May, 2008

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JZERRO on video
Pacific Proa Jzerro in Port Townsend - September 2012
Jzerro underballasted and hard on it
Proa Jzerro September, 2011
sailing 17.8 knots on auto-pilot!
720p HD *posted May, 2011
sailing 17.8 knots on auto-pilot! & sailing past lighthouse *posted July, 2008 (not HD)
Jzerro in Port Townsend 2015, at 18 knots

Port Townsend Watercraft, Nesting Dinghies (details)

35' Trimaran "HUMDINGER"
designed & built by Walter Greene, re-built and sailed by Russell Brown


by Russell Brown
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NOTE: The "Flying Proa" or "Pacific proa" has a small ama to windward,
opposite that of the "Atlantic proa" with heavier hull to windward.